26 April 2006

A proposal, a play and a readthrough

I thought I'd start this in the spirit of keeping people entertained as I tear my hair out because I'm doing too much... I've volunteered to direct a youth entry for the Woking Drama Festival this October. Last year, the adjudicator commented that there were very few youth entries in the festival, so I decided to make my directorial debut, directing a play with "youths" in it. However, it also looks like I may be involved in another entry, with a different group, whilst also starting uni in London... Hmm.

After some umming and ahhing I picked the first act of Teechers by John Godber. Teechers is an exuberant look at life in a comprehensive school, from the view of its pupils. The students (Gail, Hobby and Salty) take on the personas of the various teachers, caretakers etc in their school, as part of the end of term entertainment. It is written so that the three actors play some twenty characters; however there is scope for the play to include more people, playing the minor roles. It is a challenge, to direct and to perform, as (if done as written), the actors are constantly changing roles.

Ideally I would like to direct it with four children in it, aged between 14 and 17, preferably two boys and two girls. The part of Salty is fairly weighty (although I have plans to edit it slightly) and if we had two boys it could be split, with one playing Salty (and other male, minor characters) and one playing Nixon (the school drama teacher).

I've sent off my proposal to the Ottershaw Player's committee now, so it's in their hands. I'm hoping they won't turn it down due to my lack of experience, but I am willing to get help from where ever possible! On Monday 8th we have a readthrough at the Castle Pub in Ottershaw. I'm really nervous about this, as I don't know how well the play will work with about 20 people reading it round a table, and it has been said that my proposal will be supported by how much interest there is at the reading. The biggest problem with this is that I want youths, and most of them have GCSEs this year, so won't be attending... Argh, is this all too much hassle?!

I've been making notes and have loads of ideas and lots of enthusiasm...I can only hope that this translates into a good peice of directing and acting at the Drama Festival!!

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