15 May 2006

Read through: tick, next job?

Well, the readthrough was a week ago, so I've been a bit lapse in my updating. I was in Paris with Phil from Tuesday til Friday and then hid at his house this weekend as per normal. Anyway, see normal blog for that!!
It went ok. I probably didn't pick the right people to read the right parts, but I didn't know that when I picked them. I also didn't know if people like Brenda, Lisel and Chris would want to read, so didn't give them anything to read and consequently ended up reading in lots of silly little lines. And, as I suspected, it didn't flow as well being read as I think it will when you move about. It seemed very long as well, but I'm planning on editting it, so that should be ok. It didn't come across as well as I wanted it to, but some people laughed in the right places, and hopefully it'll be funnier when I've sorted it out and there's stuff like movement and facial expressions to help it along.
Anyway, I'm allowed to continue with it. I think that the committee all think I've taken on far too much, but hopefully it'll all come together. I'm not 100% convinced I'm going to be able to direct this one and act in another, but we'll see. Going to a read through for the other on Wednesday, so I'll see what I think then.
So, auditions in July sometime, post GCSEs and pre "everyone leaving the country" (including me, possibly, again see blog). Got to get my head round the script and exactly how I want to cast it this week, then set about editing the script into a manageable form and actually writing down the ideas I have in my head!!

08 May 2006

Read throughs are more scary than auditions: Discuss.

Tonight is the make or break read through at The Castle in Ottershaw. (Of course, I still have to get my proposal accepted by the committee and there might not be room for us in the entries anyway, so this could all be a waste of time…)

I am inexplicably nervous. I HATE talking in front of people I don’t know, (ironic considering how much I enjoy prancing about on stage in front of people I don’t know), and am scared that they’re going to think that I am too inexperienced to direct a show for the drama festival and stupid to even consider it.

I am also worried that there will be no “youths” there, and the committee will therefore presume that there is no interest in it. I am fully aware of the fact that the age I am targeting are the age who are doing their GCSEs at the moment and so probably won’t be able to come tonight. But the auditions and rehearsals will be well after the GCSE period so shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s just hope that the committee remember this!!

Maybe I’ll write a blurb about the play, and what I want to do with it. Maybe that’ll make people think I know what I’m doing, and will involve less lengthy explanations from me. Here’s hoping!

04 May 2006

Scuppered at the first hurdle?

Hmm, well it maybe that this blog won't be charting the rise and fall of a youth production, as recent news from the Woking Drama Association suggests that there may be a glut of youth entries this year! Noooo!
Oh well, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed, and possibly rely on our contacts on the WDA committee!! (This all still depends on the Ottershaw Players accepting my proposal!)Otherwise, I'll have 8 copies of a defunct script on my hands, a couple of disappointed teenagers and a very disappointed director!