13 June 2006

So much to do!!

I got a lovely email this morning from Chris about Teechers. I now have quite a comprehensive list of things to do before I go away on 26th June and then before 18th July...

  • Work out the approximate running time
  • Edit the script into it's final form and then pop it round to Chris's house
  • Cast the play (not before I go on holiday...)
  • Take and print out 2 b&w photos of the cast
  • Tell Chris who is under 21 (all the cast, but not the crew)
  • A scene setting blurb type thing
  • Stage Manager (any volunteers? thought not...)
  • Any other credits...
  • Work out if we're available for recall night, and if we want to go to the All Winners festival
  • Work out (ASAP) if we want to do Spelthorne Festival...

Argh! Any volunteers for set desgining, lighting, sound and particularly Stage Manager are gratefully recieved!

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