10 May 2007

A Chorus of Disapproval

Being the AmDram whore that I am, I am now involved in another production, with another group. Pyrford Little Theatre are presenting "A Chorus of Disapproval" by Alan Ayckbourn at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking.

A diffident North Country widower attempts to escape from his loneliness by joining the local amateur light operatic society. By accident, rather than design he advances from a one-line part to the lead. As the play progress the author skilfully draws parallels between John Gay's The Beggar's opera and the day to day activities of the Society who are performing it. Ayckbourn goes on showing how painfully embarrassed are the British in the face of emotion and keeps us laughing in happy recognition.

The show is on tonight, tomorrow and Saturday, the sound effects are MARVELLOUS and everyone should come and see it!!

I have enjoyed working with a new group, it has to be said. I know every group has it's politics, but as a new person I'm not aware of these and it's quite nice really!

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