30 August 2006

Shopping list...

As time ticks away I find myself with an ever growing "list of things to do"... I am going to have a big (charity shop) shopping trip this weekend, to try to get as much of it as possible, so that the cast have a chance to practice with the props. Normally this isn't such an issue, but with all the (minor) costume changes that are needed throughout, I think it's a good idea to get it all sorted ASAP.

If any of you happy readers have any of the following items please let me know!
  • Pink/yellow or otherwise brightly coloured cardigan
  • Brown or grey cardigan
  • Flowery skirt
  • Pair of men's glasses (preferably old man shaped)
  • Tweed jacket (or similar)
  • Flat cap
  • PE Skirt
  • Skipping rope
  • School bell (hand bell)
  • Pinstripe jacket any colour
  • Exercise books
  • Newspapers (obviously I can source these!)
  • Briefcase
  • A copy (preferably in MP3 or similar format) of "Little Green Bag", from Reservoir Dogs

Any help gratefully accepted!

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