23 August 2006

Where has the time gone??

Well, here we are. Five weeks from the festival... FIVE WEEKS!! That's ten rehearsals!

However, we have had a couple of promising rehearsals recently, albeit without various members of the cast (note to members of casts through out the world: if you're rehearsing on Tuesdays, remember that you're rehearsing on Tuesdays and don't be on the wrong side of Surrey at the time you're supposed to start). I'm really impressed with the amount of lines that the girls especially have managed to learn. Hopefully they will continue to get the lines in, so we can do things properly without the books.

Pete (lovely SM) and I had a good chat at the pub, supposedly about the play, but we did digress a little (but hey, the world is now set to rights again!). I think I have solved our rehearsal space problems, if the Scouts and Guides let us use the hall, which is a big issue in my mind! Its just a few lighting ideas, and finally sorting out the sound cues... Oh and more directorial ideas to have.

Now begin the "lets break up the script and go over and over and over it" rehearsals, which are always fun. But it needs to be done and it will be! The kids are still really enthusiastic though, which helps! Let's hope I can bottle their enthusiasm for the weeks to come...!

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Clare said...

actually it was slightly more than 10 rehearsals... I lied. sorry!