20 September 2006

Set Dressing

Final rehearsal before the Green Room last night. For those that don't know a Green Room is a performance where a non-paying audience of nice people (members of Ottershaw Players in this instance) come and watch the show before it is put before a paying (and therefore more scary) audience.

It's getting there. We had an impromptu audience of Danny and Matt, who happened not only to laugh (hoorah!), but also profess to enjoying the performance. It was nice to get another opinion on the play, and also get some feedback. Maybe I should have got an audience in before now... It'll be interesting to see what the feedback is on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

In my current state of unemployment, as I'm supposed to be moving house this week I am busy sorting out stuff for the play and also for my imminent move (house is still not official, so I'm taking no chances!). I've spent the morning so far printing out old Ottershaw Players posters from the website, courtsey of Pete's cleverness at poster designing. I know that putting Ottershaw Players posters up is a completely self indulgent in-joke, but it amuses me. I've also managed to find a sepia picture of "Ophelia" (pictured), which will be perfect.

I'm off to paint a noticeboard white now; the joys of having nothing to do...

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