03 October 2006

It's been a while...

Well, such a lot has happened. Hmm, a slight overexaggeration... I have started uni and until today had no internet in the house, so consequently have not been blogging. I'm sure you're all devastated!

Anyway, the dress rehearsal... It went really well, far better than I expected. There are a few creases to iron out, and I need to make sure that the lights are what I think they're going to be, but the kids did well. The lines weren't 100%, but no prompts were taken, and the audience said they enjoyed it. They even laughed!

Teechers - Dress Rehearsal

Then this weekend we had our Stage Time at the Rhoda. It was very useful to have some time on the stage, and set it all up how we need it. I was, obviously, over-stressed about the whole idea, especially as we only have 35 mins of stage time, which doesn't seem very long when you have 15 lighting cues and 16 sound cues to try out. It went well, in that Phil got all his sound levels sorted out, so he was happy. We didn't get to run the lighting as Rob was programming them all in, but I am hoping that we can iron out any queries tonight, our last rehearsal.

I really feel I should be saying something philosophical about coming to the end of the rehearsal period. I don't know what to say though. It's been an interesting (and fun!) experience and definitely hasn't put me off the idea of directing something in the future. I would love to do a prodcution of both Acts of the play, but whether I'll be able to is up to the Committee. Oh, and how many essays I have to write this coming year!
Next post will presumably be after performance...Wish us luck!

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