25 February 2007


My kids that is. They were AMAZING tonight.

We started off finishing off blocking Act One. I don't know if it's cos they're bored of Act One, as that's what we did at the Festival, but it seemed a bit lacking in "oomph". Jack was tired as he's been playing Rugby today, Tommi still isn't well, I was shattered from driving to Oxford and back, so only Suzi had any energy.

Anyway, we finished Act One and I gave them a quick break. I was quietly dreading blocking Act Two as it's unknown territory. With this in mind, I asked them to start, and waited to see what would happen...

These kids don't need directing. They really don't. They worked most of it out on their own, with just a few places that needed a bit of help. Two or three times they did something I had noted down in the script as an idea without prompting, just off their own backs. They were fabulous. We managed to block right up to page 26 - very impressive stuff for a Sunday night!

And the Hut problems? We're now rehearsing at New Haw Library, until the Hut is sorted. Of course, even without the barge in the middle it'll still be freezing, but if they can keep up the levels of enthusiasm they had tonight, they'll soon get warm!

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