23 February 2007

Like a bad smell

I'm back again...

Yes Teechers is back in rehearsal for our "full length" outing in April. With a slightly smaller cast, and slightly different techinical team we're on our way to what should hopefully be a good show - if we ever get to have a decent rehearsal....

We've managed two Sunday rehearsals in the Hall where we're doing the show. This in itself is unusual, as we're not normally in the Hall until just before the performance week. Anyway, we've had two rehearsals there. Last Thursday I got a text from a member of the cast to say she "didn't think there was a rehearsal, as it was half term"...There are only three members of the cast and one of them is her brother, who was also under this delusion, so the rehearsal was cancelled.

Last night, we turned up at what Ottershaw Players generously call "The Hut" but is actually a glorified shed. It's an interesting place, with loads of bits of old set and paraphenalia tucked away so you never know what you'll find. I'll try to take a picture to show you what I mean. Anyway, when we turned up yesterday, the entire set of the winter show "The Wind in the Willows", was in the middle of the room. Including a barge. An actual barge. Consequently the rehearsal became a read through, which wasn't at all helpful.

We have two months to put on this show. It wasn't really my choice not to start til February, but two members of the three-man show were involved in a large scale production down the road until the end of January, and couldn't have done both. So, we started a few weeks ago and so far have been beset with problems.

I can't help but wonder if my production is just considered to be "a bit on the side" for Ottershaw. It's probably not going to be a huge money spinner, but it should be a really good show, and I do think it's important that we keep doing shows in the village hall - after all we are a village drama group. Anyway, I think I'm just bitter and feeling ranty!

A more positive post soon (and photos), I promise!


Liz said...

Hang on in there! I'm sure it will 'be all right on the night'! Shame you're not closer; I would come and see it.

Are you in it as well as directing?

Clare said...

Hi Liz - if it was the same weekend as your son's wedding that would be perfect: we're just down the road from Twickenham!!

I am just directing it, which is challenging, although the kids have been absolutely fantastic, so my job is really easy! xx