17 August 2007

Some new and exciting goings on

Since Oh What a Lovely War (more on that later), I've been "resting" in the sense that I've not been rushing off to a rehearsal every other night. It's been quite nice, but I've also missed being involved in something....That feeling didn't last long as I have auditioned for two shows recently and may be doing the sound for a third...

I recently auditioned for "Little Red Riding Hood", Byfleet Players Panto for January 2007. I have never done panto before, and I won't pretend that the script didn't make me cringe a lot, but I'm sure we can fiddle with bits to make it better. Anyway, excitingly, I have been cast as "Principal Boy", i.e. Prince Charming, which is one of the two leads. It's very exciting as I've not had a big part for sometime, and aside from being the Good Fairy in Pinocchio I don't think I've ever been a lead. Anyway, I shall update this with how we're getting on when we start rehearsing in September.

The other audition was for Ottershaw's Christmas production, "Treasure Island". I have to admit I was a little hesitant about this one. I'm sure Ottershaw will do it very well, and the set will be marvellous, but I wondered whether it would mainly be a lot of yelling "yaaarrrr" on stage. Anyway, I went to the audition for a bit of a laugh. The script is good and it should be a laugh. I'm waiting to hear as to whether I got in though, so watch this space. I've not been that successful in auditioning for Ottershaw shows recently, so I'll have to wait and see.

Back to Oh What a Lovely War... It was a success, we think we just about managed to break even. Some of the reviews were mixed, but the main things that were criticised were the costumes (which were dreadful and I wish we had just run up some more before the show started - at least some trousers that fitted!) and the lighting, which was a little unpredictable. The stage management was obviously exemplary (ahem), and all of Phil's 54 sound cues were on time and in the right place. For me though, it was just great fun to work with the people involved and I made some really good friends, which is more important to me than whether the show was a box office hit...After all, we do it for fun, don't we?

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God, I loathed doing panto!